How we manufacture

Ready to learn about our 360 process?

At CAP-2 Group we have been working for more than 10 years to offer our clients the best service adapted to their needs.

And in this continuous search to improve our production, our 360º concept was born, which covers the complete production of our products, from their mold to their verification.
For this, in our industrial production process, we have the rubber, silicone, Viton (FKM) molding area; our cutting area, which has different types of cutting; and the verification area, which closes the manufacturing process of our parts. Do you want to know how we work?


Parts molded by injection or compression, in rubber, silicone or Viton (FKM).


At the end of 2020, CAP-2 Group introduces its molding section to improve the manufacturing process. In it we mold tubes and other parts in rubber and silicone, to serve our customers.

In this part of the industrial process:

- We advise on the technical development of the mould, studying its geometries and manufacturing quantities; being able to make basic molds for compression, or more complex molds to work by injection for larger quantities.

- We provide guidance on the various types of materials:
EPDM, NBR, Silicones, Viton (FKM), Natural rubber...
As well as its different hardnesses and colors.

Our products have various applications:

Automotive, medical applications, pipes, fittings, sanitary systems, engineering...


Flat gaskets, custom washers and flexible sleeves for your sealing problems.


CAP-2 Group was born in 2012 with the aim of providing cutting solutions for rubber and silicone parts.

Since then we have worked on improving our cutting systems, offering different techniques to our customers. In our industrial process we have special machinery for continuous, circular or pneumatic cutting, tooling and design of special blades for different types of materials.

We put at your disposal our experience and knowledge to find solutions in the manufacture of your products.

In addition, we have a wide catalog of standardized parts with standard measurements for industrial and domestic use: Racor gaskets, Gas fitting, Faucet soleta, Blind faucet soleta, Sanitary or Food washers, Kligerit, conical gaskets...


Control and verification processes for a higher level of demand.


Our industrial production system has its own system of procedures to guarantee the quality and control of our finished products.

This system is carried out through a series of visual controls, dimensional certificates and control guidelines, which guarantee extra confidence in our final finish and offer a competitive advantage in the sector.

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